Lab heroes − The fantastic four Bambanker™ cryopreservation media

Cryopreservation of cells is one of the big challenges in biological research.

The serum-free Bambanker™ freezing media offer the perfect solution for all cell lines.

The fantastic four:

1) Bambanker™ − Universal allrounder for all cell lines

    • Very high recovery rate
    • Fast procedure

BB03-Bambanker- 20mL

2) Bambanker™ hRM − For ES (embryonic stem) cells and iPS (induced pluripotent stem) cells

    • Without bovine serum albumin which might lead to cell differentation
    • No animal componets at all

3) Bambanker™ DMSO-free − For most sensitive cells

    • No cytotoxic DMSO (dimethyl sulfoxid)
    • Alternative formulation to avoid formation of ice crystals

4) Bambanker™ Direct − For hybridoma cells

    • No centrifugation step needed
    • Very fast procedure
    • Perfect for high throughput applications


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