FAS-DIGI Compact - Compact Design with Powerful Features


FAS-DIGI Compact

The FAS-DIGI Compact ist our new gel documentation system. The stand alone device was designed for labs with limited benchtop space in need for a powerful gel documentation tool.

FAS-DIGI Compact - Safe use and best quality gel images

With a compact dark box body made of highest quality coated aluminium, the FAS-DIGI Compact completes our portfolio of high-end gel documentation systems.


The FAS-DIGI Compact is equipped with a safe Blue/Green LED technology transilluminator. Still destroying your DNA with UV-light? Using UV-light transilluminators affects you and your sample. Exposing yourself to the dangerous light source can harm your eyes and skin and damage your DNA sample for further downstream applications. With the Blue/Green LED technology the downsides of using UV-light are finally out of the way. Protect your sample and yourself from harmful UV-light exposure. Designed for guaranteed safe and easy handling in the lab.


The FAS-DIGI Compact combines a compact design, fitting on every lab benchtop, with very powerful attributes, generating highest quality gel images with convenient and easy handling:


Huge Transilluminator

The FAS-DIGI Compact comes with a huge Blue/Green LED transilluminator      (21 x 26 cm) giving you a large illuminiation area for any gel size.


Scientific Grade Camera

Take gel pictures with the highest standard using a 24 Mpixel Canon EOS DSLR camera. With a rotable and swiveling touch-screen display the camera is very comfortable to use. Extract small gel image areas in very high resolution and best quality.


Amber filter shield

The inbuilt Amber Filter viewing window allows you to look at your illuminated gel and easily cut out the desired DNA bands for further applications.


Perfect Signals

The Blue/Green LEDs can excite all common red and green DNA dyes like EtBr or SYBR® Safe. Try it out with MIDORIGreen and get perfectly strong and sharp DNA/RNA signals.

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FAS-DIGI Compact

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