FastGene Optima – The dream team.

The FastGene Optima is our problem-solving DNA Polymerase, used and recommended by many of our customers. Have a look here what some of them have to say.

Distinct players make a perfect team!

The FastGene Optima is a very special brew: The Optima is not a single enzyme type but rather a combination of two very distinct DNA Polymerases. It combines the activity of a Polymerase of the A-family  with the specificity of the Type B family of Polymerases. This brings several advantages:

  1. Very long amplicons can be produced with an 8x lower error rate when compared to a Taq-Polymerase.
  2. The specificity also allows for a specific detection of SNP-mutations
  3. The robustness of the buffer makes difficult PCRs possible enabling you to get results, where other mixes just fail. (Check out our website for direct colony PCR and crude mouse-tail as a template).

Ready-Mix: Easier handling is impossible

We know that the lab life can be very stressful and hectic. Hence, we at NIPPON Genetics EUROPE are constantly looking for ways to make your Lab-life easier. This is one of the reasons why we are big fans of ready-mixes (e. g. our engineered reverse transcriptase Scriptase II Ready mix).

All the components are present at a perfect concentration. There is no more need of a preparation time. Just add the ready mix volume needed for your reaction, template and primer and fill the reaction up with the desired volume. That will do the trick!

You would like to try it out? No Problem!

We understand that you would like to try before you buy it. Hence, we created our sampling program: Just enter your details and we will organize the testing with us or one of our distributors.

Sampling Program.

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