Blue/Green LED Gel Documentation revolution in Italy

Prof. Mengoni

The group of Prof. Mengoni , of the Dipartimento di Biologia, Universitá di Firenze is now a new member of our constantly growing process of applying new safety standards in laboratories. Prof. Mengoni and his group are using our unique Blue/Green LED technology to get the same signal intensity as UV-light, without destroying the DNA, which is likely to happen when using UV-light transilluminators (read more about the technology here). With his UV-light free gel document system FAS DIGI Compact, the group now has a powerful system with 24 MPixel resolution and a huge transilluminator. Click here to learn more about our FAS DIGI Compact system.

Please contact us should have questions and/or if you would like to experience the technology by yourself!

Your NIPPON Genetics EUROPE Team!

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