FastGene qFYR - New Real-Time PCR System


Simply incredible

We are proud to launch our new Real-Time PCR System. An incredible instrument that combines an elegant white design with powerful technology.

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Feel the power

Take a look inside and get to know the excellent qFYR performance. The 96-well format thermal block shows superior heating and cooling with 6 °C maximum ramp rates. Four fluorescence channels with the highest performance LEDs leave nothing to be desired.



Rely on multiple applications

Always rely on suitable applications that fit your needs. The qFYR software includes all tools to for easy data acquisition such as quantification, genotyping, high resolution melts and many more.

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Work with innovative technology

Save time with the superior thermal cycler design that ensures rapid heating and cooling rates.

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Use an intuitive software

The software impresses with a simple operation through a clearly structured menu. The modern UI design was made for an intuitive navigation.


Have a closer look at the FastGene® qFYR

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Product page (link)

Convince yourself!

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