Cellular guardian: Bambanker's multifaceted preservation power


Bambanker™ represents a significant leap forward in cryopreservation technology. Engineered as a serum-free medium, it stands at the forefront of preserving cell viability and functionality with unmatched efficiency.

Bambanker™ demonstrates its preserving capability of a diverse range of cell types, totaling over 70 variations. Explore the table below (Table 1) for a comprehensive overview. Each publication represents a milestone in diverse research fields contributing to great breakthrough results, and Bambanker™ played a pivotal role in their success. From mesenchymal stem cells to cancer cell lines, the versatility of Bambanker™ knows no bounds.


Cell type list Bambanker

Bambanker's cryopreservation across a spectrum of cell types.


Ready to explore the potential of the Bambanker™ medium in your own research? Let us know in the comments below what cell types you're working with, and we'll be happy to discuss how Bambanker™ can support your success!


Bambanker™, freezing media for different needs.


  • Enables long-term cell storage at -80°C or -196°C
  • Improved cell recovery and viability after thawing
  • Ready-to-use freezing media – no programmed or sequential freezing required
  • Serum-free – no risk of contamination
  • GMP manufactured
  • Usable for all known cell lines
  • Long shelf life


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