Bambanker™ and Bambanker™ hRM - Cryo-wellness for your cells

Bambanker™ is a ready-to-use medium for reliable cryo-preservation of cells with a simple application and high cell survivability.

Higher recovery rates - Even for sensitive cell lines

Cryo-preservation of cells is an essential standard procedure used in biological research. Although it is commonly performed, ensuring cell well-being after freezing can be a tricky task. With Bambanker™ you can easily put your cells to safe and gentle cryo-sleep.

The use of Bambanker™ leads to higher recovery rates than procedures with conventional cryo-preservation media, even for very demanding cell lines. Most cell types show a cell survivability greater than 50%, with many reaching over 90%. The wide suitability of Bambanker™ for all known cell types is also appreciated by the JCRB cell bank, storing over 1,400 different cell lines with great success.


Simplify your cell freezing

Many cell freezing media require a slow freezing procedure to increase cell survival after thawing. Save your time and treat your cells with Bambanker™! By applying the ready-to-use Bambanker™ medium there is no need for an expensive programmable deep freezer, a complicated freezing protocol or liquid nitrogen. Simply transfer your cells to -80 °C. Freezing cells has never been easier! Just carry out the following five steps:

If centrifugation is a problem for your cell line, use Bambanker™ Direct. It can be added directly to the cell medium (1:1 ratio), eliminating the need for a centrifugation step.

Serum-free = Reliable Results

Other cryo-preservation media rely on serum to guarantee good cell survival rates. Bambanker™ is completely serum-free! This excludes various risks that come with the use of undefined serum, such as contaminations or inconsistent batch compositions. Possible serum fluctuations can affect your cell recovery rates and give inconsistent results from batch to batch. With a precisely defined list of ingredients, Bambanker™ was designed to ensure a reliable cell recovery.


Bambanker™ hRM - Your Choice for primate ES and iPS cells

Compared to many differentiated cell lines, stem cells such as ES or iPS cells are extremely sensitive to freezing. Bambanker™ hRM was developed to tackle this problem and provide a stable and reliable cryopreservation of primate stem cells. This is ensured by a completely primate Xeno-free (animal free) medium composition, which could lead to cell differentiation, and the addition of human Serum Albumin for improved well-being of ES or iPS cells. Freeze your stem cells with Bambanker™ hRM and you will get higher and more reproducible survival rates, with an improved use in further downstream applications after thawing.


Bambanker hRM

Want to try Bambanker™?

We understand that, as a scientist, you would like to test our Bambanker™  cryo-preservation medium before purchasing it. Hence, we created our sampling program. Just contact us by entering your details and we will organize the testing with us or one of our distributors.


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