FAS-DIGI PRO - The safest way to detect DNA in the Lab



The FAS-DIGI PRO is our high-end gel documentation system using the safe Blue/Green LED technology. The fully networkable system is equipped with a scientific grade camera and is navigated by an easy-to-use control imaging software.

The FAS-DIGI PRO has been one of our leading products for several years. Above all, customers value the FAS-DIGI PRO's absolute lab safety with the Blue/Green LED technology. With this system, the exposure to harmful UV light for agarose gel documentation is a thing of the past.

In December 2021 we were very happy to install a brand new FAS-DIGI PRO at the Technical University of Munich. The working goup is looking forward to working with the Blue/Green LED system, combined with our safe and non-toxic MIDORI Green dyes.

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