Gel documentation: Safe Blue/Green LED technology on the rise

Convinced laboratories - 

More than 400 laboratories in Germany and Austria already rely on our blue/green LED technology (link) for the documentation of DNA/RNA fragments in agarose gels.

Since April 2022, Dr. A. Wagner and her team at SCG Cell Therapy GmbH (IZB - Biotechnological Innovation and Start-Up Center, Martinsried) work with the FAS-DIGI PRO (link) gel documentation system
In this working group, the DNA/RNA is stained with the non-toxic and non-mutagenic dye MIDORI Green Xtra (link).

A strong team: - No UV light - No ethidium bromide

The FAS-DIGI PRO gel documentation system and the MIDORI Green Xtra nucleic acid stain are a great combination for safely imaging DNA without ethidium bromide and without UV light and with the best separation and resolution.



FastGene® FAS-DIGI PRO imaging system

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