RNA analysis of Archea using FastGene RNA prep and Scriptase II cDNA synthesis kit

RNA analysis of Archea using FastGene RNA prep and Scriptase II cDNA synthesis kit

Today we will present a pretty cool paper:

The group of Siebers et al. has analysed the trehalose synthesis and discovered a third, novel trehalose biosynthesis pathway: the trehalose-6-phosphate (T6P) synthase/T6P phosphatase (TPS/TPP) pathway. Even cooler, this TPS is a GT4-like protein. The findings in this paper give the GT4 protein family a new function.

They used our RNA Premium kit, which is recommended for tissue and cell culture samples to isolate the RNA from the archeon Sulfolobus acidocaldarius. The DNA removal step was elongated to 30 min and they could prove the complete elimination of DNA using a control primer pair.

The isolated RNA was further reverse transcribed using our FastGene Scriptase II cDNA synthesis kit enabling the gene expression analysis of the three major trehalose synthesis related genes (treY, treT and tps genes) in normal and in elevated salt condition.


You can find the paper here:


More information about our RNA-Premium purification kit with complete DNA removal is available here.

Our FastGene Scriptase II cDNA synthesis kit is available here!

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