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Ever felt like a detective, meticulously piecing together clues? In science, the evidence lies hidden within the microscopic world of DNA, RNA, and proteins. Our cutting-edge tools empower you to become a master investigator, separating, analyzing, and visualizing these fundamental building blocks of life.

Imagine effortlessly navigating the complexities of electrophoresis, effortlessly visualizing the invisible with dazzling clarity, and unlocking the secrets hidden within proteins.

Read on and discover how our high-performance products can transform your research.




DNA RNA Electrophoresis

DNA/RNA Electrophoresis Portfolio


No more tedious agarose weighing, no more fumbling with hazardous dyes, and no more wasted time wrestling with cumbersome equipment. This isn't science fiction - it's the reality offered by our revolutionary DNA/RNA electrophoresis products.

Safer stains, sharper results: Our innovative MIDORI Green dyes deliver exceptional sensitivity with minimal background fluorescence. Not only are they safer for you, but they also ensure crystal-clear visualization of your precious DNA and RNA samples.

Effortless gel casting: Ditch the scale! Our pre-measured agarose tablets - MIDORI Green Agarose Tablets - dissolve in seconds, eliminating the time-consuming steps of traditional agarose gel preparation.

Smart technology, seamless workflow: The MUPID-ONE Electrophoresis System presents features like multichannel pipette compatibility, a user-friendly buffer drainage system, and a wide range of voltage settings for optimal separation.

Set your run time with ease using the built-in timer and alarm function. Plus, the system memorizes your last run parameters, saving you valuable time and effort. For ultimate safety, the lid-activated safety bars ensure the device only operates when properly closed.




Protein Electrophoresis

Protein Electrophoresis Portfolio


Are you struggling to untangle the complexities of protein analysis? Delving into the world of proteins can be a daunting task. Traditional methods are often time-consuming, prone to errors, and can deliver frustratingly unclear results. But what if there was a better way?

Our comprehensive portfolio of protein electrophoresis products offers a revolutionary approach to protein analysis, empowering researchers to achieve:

Unmatched efficiency: The PAGE Protein System is your one-stop shop for protein electrophoresis. This complete system, compatible with a wide range of pre-cast gels, allows you to analyze up to 4 gels simultaneously, with a leak-proof design for added convenience.

Crystal-clear results: Say goodbye to messy gels and frustrating troubleshooting. Our Precast PAGE Gels, available in a variety of configurations, boast superior stability, band resolution, and large well capacity to prevent sample overflow.

Effortless protein visualization: Forget the hassle of traditional protein staining methods. Q-Stain Protein Stain, our single-step protein stain, eliminates the need for fixing, washing, or destaining. Simply run your gel and witness clear protein bands appear in just 10 minutes. The water-based formula ensures user safety and exceptional sensitivity, detecting proteins down to 10 ng.

Western blotting revolutionized: Block & Go is the fast-track ticket to successful Western Blots. This protein-free blocking solution not only streamlines the process but also enhances band intensity. Experience a single-step protocol that combines membrane blocking, primary antibody, and secondary antibody incubation, saving you valuable time and effort.




Gel documentation, Blue/Green LED

Gel Documentation Portfolio


Imagine capturing stunningly clear images of your DNA, RNA, and protein gels, all with unmatched ease and safety. No more blurry photographs or harmful UV exposure. Our revolutionary gel documentation systems are poised to transform your research by offering the following:

Unmatched clarity and convenience: FAS-X, the standalone gel documentation system, is designed to fit seamlessly into any lab environment. This intuitive system boasts a large 13.3" full HD touchscreen for effortless operation, while the impressive 20-megapixel color camera delivers exceptional image resolution.

Goodbye UV, hello safety: Embrace a safer future for your research. Our innovative Blue/Green LED technology operates within the visible light spectrum, eliminating the harmful effects of UV exposure. Not only does this ensure user safety, but it also excites a wider range of common fluorescent dyes (red and green DNA/RNA and many fluorescent dyes), leading to superior image quality.

Document everything, effortlessly: FAS-X isn't limited to fluorescent gels. The integrated epi-white LED light allows for clear visualization and documentation of colorimetric protein gels, Western blot membranes, and even bacterial colony plates.

Streamlined workflow and boosted efficiency: FAS-X features a generous 128 GB storage capacity and network capabilities, empowering you to streamline your workflow and access your data with ease.




Lab Instruments, PCR, qPCR, photometer, spectrophotometer

Lab Instruments Portfolio


The cornerstone of modern biology lies in understanding the fundamental building blocks of life: DNA, RNA, and proteins. However unlocking their secrets requires precise tools and techniques. Our cutting-edge laboratory instruments offer a powerful combination of speed, accuracy, and versatility, empowering you to unlock groundbreaking discoveries.

The power of PCR

  • Demanding research applications require robust tools that deliver both speed and accuracy. The qFYR Real-Time PCR System rises to the challenge, utilizing probe & dye-based assays to generate rapid, reliable results you can trust. But speed isn't the only advantage. The qFYR is a multiplexing powerhouse. Its innovative 4+1 channel configuration allows you to analyze multiple targets simultaneously, saving you precious time and resources. Most importantly, the qFYR delivers exceptional sensitivity and well-to-well consistency. This translates to reliable data you can depend on, regardless of your application. From analyzing gene expression to performing genotyping or detecting pathogens, the qFYR empowers you to make groundbreaking discoveries with confidence.


Beyond PCR: essential tools for every lab

  • FastGene NanoSpec, the all-around UV-Vis microvolume spectrophotometer, offers unparalleled versatility and convenience for quantitative DNA/RNA and protein analysis. With a full spectrum range from 190-850 nm, it ensures precise measurements for a wide range of applications.
  • FastGene NanoView offers a compact, user-friendly design, ideal for quick and precise measurements of nucleic acids and proteins.




Lab devices, centrigufe, dry bath, vortexer, tissue grinder

Lab Devices Portfolio


Every scientist knows the importance of efficiency in the lab. Tedious tasks and cumbersome equipment can eat away at valuable time, hindering progress. Our lab devices were designed to:

Boost your speed: Experience faster sample preparation and centrifugation with our Mini Centrifuges and Plate Centrifuge. These compact powerhouses offer a variety of options to meet your specific needs. The Mini Centrifuges even come in a variety of colors to add a touch of personality to your lab.

Maximize efficiency: Say goodbye to time-consuming adjustments and unreliable results. Our Mini Dry Bath features user-friendly controls and interchangeable blocks for effortless temperature control of various sample types.

Shake things up (the right way): Ensure thorough mixing and disruption of samples with our Vortexer. The adjustable speed settings and stable design guarantee consistent results, eliminating the frustration of slipping tubes and uneven mixing.

Effortless sample preparation: The motor-driven tissue grinder tackles your toughest samples, efficiently homogenizing animal tissue, bones, plant tissue, and even food. This versatile tool streamlines your sample preparation process, allowing you to focus on the science.




Lab Plastic, filter tips, cryo tubes, centrifuge tubes, high-throughput plastic, PCR plates, PCR tubes

Lab Plastic Portfolio

The sample integrity is of high importance to every scientist. Contamination can derail experiments, waste precious time, and ultimately hinder progress. Our lab plastics are more than just consumables; they're an investment in the purity and efficiency of your research, designed to:

Safeguard your research: Crafted from stable, non-DNA-binding plastic, our filter tips, PCR tubes, plates, and cryotubes minimize the risk of sample contamination. Focus on groundbreaking discoveries, not eliminating unwanted background noise.

Guaranteed purity: Rest assured, our lab plastics are DNase, RNase, and gDNA-free. This meticulous attention to detail ensures the integrity of your precious nucleic acid samples, from delicate RNA to vital genomic DNA.

Universal compatibility: Streamline your workflow with lab plastics that work seamlessly with your existing equipment. Our products are compatible with all common instruments and devices, including PCR cyclers and pipettes. No more struggling with incompatible formats or wasting time on unnecessary adjustments.




Nucleic acid purification, RNA purification, mRNA enhancer, plasmid kit, gDNA blood and tissue

Nucleic Acid Purification Portfolio


The essence of numerous research endeavors hinges on the purity and caliber of your nucleic acids, encompassing RNA, DNA, and plasmids. Our nucleic acid purification solutions empower researchers at every level:

  • Isolating pristine RNA for sensitive applications like next-generation sequencing.
  • Purifying viral RNA/DNA for accurate detection and analysis.
  • Obtaining high-quality plasmid DNA for cloning, sequencing, and other downstream applications.
  • Recovering precious gel-extracted fragments for further analysis.


We offer comprehensive nucleic acid purification products aimed to:

Simplify complex extractions: Our comprehensive range of purification kits offers a streamlined approach to isolating high-quality DNA/RNA, viral RNA/DNA, plasmid DNA, and even gel-extracted fragments. These kits are designed for speed, reliability, and ease of use, empowering you to focus on your research, not tedious purification protocols.

Tailored for your needs: Whether you're working with challenging samples like tissues or require complete genomic DNA elimination, we have the perfect solution for you. RNA Basic and Premium Kits offer options for various levels of DNA carryover, while the miRNA Enhancer streamlines the purification of these crucial small RNAs.




Cloning, Ligases, Restriction enzymes

Cloning Portfolio


Ever dreamed of constructing your own genetic masterpieces? The world of molecular cloning allows you to manipulate DNA, piecing together the building blocks of life to answer fundamental biological questions. Our cloning products were made to:

Unleash your creativity: Restriction enzymes precisely cut DNA at defined sequences. This empowers you to isolate specific genes or DNA fragments, paving the way for exciting research possibilities.

Seamless assembly: Ligases allow you to construct novel genetic constructs. Imagine fusing genes from different organisms or creating mutations to study their effects - the possibilities are endless!




PCR enzymes, DNA polymerase, qPCR mixes

(q)PCR Enzymes Portfolio


DNA replication and gene expression hold the key to countless biological mysteries. PCR has revolutionized our ability to study these processes. Here are our diverse (q)PCR enzymes portfolio, thoughtfully developed to:

Amplify your discoveries: Our high-performance polymerases are the workhorses of PCR, faithfully replicating your target DNA sequences. Experience exceptional fidelity and processivity, leading to accurate and reliable amplification, experiment after experiment.

Beyond the basics: Our portfolio extends far beyond standard PCR. We offer specialized Reverse Transcriptases for converting RNA into cDNA. For researchers venturing into next-generation sequencing (NGS), we have optimized enzymes specifically tailored to library preparation workflows.

Simplify your workflow: Time is precious in any research lab. That's why we offer a range of ready-to-use PCR and qPCR Master Mixes. These pre-mixed solutions combine all the essential components for successful amplification, saving you time and minimizing the risk of errors associated with manual component addition.




Cell biology, Bambanker, cryopreservation media

Cell Biology Portfolio


Cells are the building blocks of life, and studying them is the foundation of countless scientific breakthroughs. However maintaining healthy, viable cells for research can be a constant challenge.

Our cell culture solutions are designed to save you time and effort. The easy-to-use cell culture media minimizes preparation steps, while Bambanker's simple protocol and ready-to-use format ensure efficient cryopreservation. Simply follow the simple protocol and experience significantly higher cell survival rates, even for sensitive cell lines. All Bambanker products are serum-free, minimizing the risk of unwanted variability in your experiments. Bambanker caters to a wide range of research needs. It's suitable for all known cell lines, empowering you to study everything from basic cell biology to complex disease models.


This is just a glimpse of the innovative lab solutions waiting to transform your research. For a completeTo access the full catalog, kindly download it using the following link: https://www.nippongenetics.eu/en/resources/download/#catalog-brochures.

Intrigued by the possibilities?

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