Safe DNA-Stains - Our MIDORIGreen Variants

Our MIDORIGreen variants give perfect DNA signals and were designed for different light sources. All DNA-dyes are completely safe to use without any toxic or carcinogenic properties.

The MIDORIGreen family

MIDORI procedure_2

Overview of the applied staining methods and optimal excitation sources for our MIDORIGreen variants.

MIDORIGreen Advance

MIDORIGreen Advance is optimized for use with UV-light transilluminators. Compared to ethidium bromide (EtBr), MIDORIGreen Advance is non-toxic and non-carcinogenic but delivers very strong signals of DNA/RNA with an excellent signal-to-background ratio. These properties will make it a perfect replacement for EtBr, if UV-light is used as the excitation source. The DNA-stain is applied for in gel staining, when casting agarose gels, or post staining, after the electrophoresis run. 

MIDORIGreen Xtra

MIDORIGreen Xtra gives excellent results when used with Blue/Green-LED Technology or Blue-LED light. It is a highly sensitive stain, emitting very strong signals with low background fluorescence, making the detection of smallest DNA/RNA quantities very easy. With Blue/Green LEDs, MIDORIGreen Xtra delivers even better results than EtBr, reaching new levels of sensitivity. Its safe, non-toxic properties were comfirmed by independent laboratories. It can be used for in gel staining, when casting agarose gels, or post staining, after the electrophoresis run.

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MIDORIGreen Direct

As its name suggests, MIDORIGreen Direct, is directly added to your DNA/RNA sample for visualization in an agarose gel. The direct staining of the sample eliminates staining of the gel background, providing perfect signals and an excellent signal-to-background ratio. MIDORIGreen Direct was developed and optimized for use with Blue/Green-LED or Blue-LED light. However, signals can also be detected with a regular UV-light transilluminator. Its safe, non-toxic properties were confirmed by independent laboratories. The 10x sample loading buffer is integrated in MIDORIGreen Direct, so samples can be loaded onto the agarose gel, subsequently after staining.

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MIDORIGreen Highlights

Safe use 1

Safe to use

Proven to be non-carcinogenic and non-toxic dyes for DNA/RNA detection in agarose gels, the MIDORIGreen family is a safe alternative to the traditional nucleic acid stain ethidium bromide.

Perfect Signals 1

Perfect Signals

The chemical structures of our MIDORIGreen dyes have been optimized for an optimal absorption peak when bound to DNA. The dyes deliver strong signals with an excellent signal-to-background ratio.

cost saving

Affordable Price

The MIDORIGreen dyes are available in a highly concentrated solution (25,000 x). The overall costs per gel is 3-4 x lower when compared to other DNA binding dyes.

lightsources 1

For all common light sources

The MIDORIGreen variants were developed for different light sources and flexible usage. MIDORIGreen Advance is optimal for UV-light, while MIDORIGreen Xtra and MIDORIGreen Direct give perfect results with Blue/Green or Blue LEDs.

Check out the MIDORIGreen DNA/RNA stains on our website. 

MIDORIGreen stains

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