FastGene® PAGE Protein System

With the FastGene® PAGE Protein System you will get a complete package with all components for gel electrophoresis and gel hand-casting. 

Powerful protein analysis

PAGE stands for Polyacrylamide Gel electrophoresis and describes an analytical method in biochemistry for the separation of differently sized protein mixtures in an electric field. The most popular form of PAGE is SDS-PAGE, where the detergent SDS is added for PAGE sample preparation. This leads to protein denaturation and unfolding and allows an estimation of protein molecular weight.

Smart solutions for best results

The components of the FastGene® PAGE Protein system offer smart assembly solutions and make gel casting and protein electrophoresis very convenient and easy tasks.

Complete gel electrophoresis set

Run up to 4 gels simultanously! The set contains a chamber tank, lid, 2 inner electrophoresis chambers, plastic dummy cassettes and 3 types of sealing strips for broad gel compatibility. The unique and secure closing mechanisms were designed for a tight assembly of the components and prevention of buffer leakage.

Complete gel hand-casting set

Cast gels with 1 mm thickness! The set contains glass spacers (1mm gel thickness) and glass plates for gel pouring and a gel casting base, gel casting clip and sealing gaskets to fix the gel cassettes. The unique and secure closing mechanisms make pouring gels very safe and leakage of the gel solution almost impossible.


Find a detailed list of all PAGE System components on our product website!

PAGE Protein System Components

Broad gel compatibility

Three types of sealing strips are included in the set, allowing compatibility with different gel types and gel sizes. It is compatible with FastGene® Precast Protein Gels, as well as Bio-Rad TGX gels and Thermofisher mini gels. Check out our compatible precast gels on our website!

FastGene Precast Protein Gels

Highlights of the FastGene® PAGE Protein System


Complete package with gel electrophoresis set and gel hand-casting set for 1 mm gels


High compatibility with different pre-cast gels from leading manufactureres.


Easy and conventient usage with clever solutions enabling a smooth and unproblematic electrophoresis and gel hand-casting


Additional hand-cast sets available for hand-casting gels with 0.75 mm or 1.5 mm gel thickness, including 10 well and 15 well combs, glass spacer and glass plates.

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