Biobank-Symposium, Berlin 2022

Take a look at our cryopreservation solutions

Our colleague Nenad is exhibiting today and tomorrow (1st-2nd of June) at the 10th national Biobank-Symposium in Berlin, Germany (link).

Please stop by and have a chat about our:

  • Bambanker preservation media (more information >>>),
  • our smart cell culture chamber (more information >>>) and
  • our cryopreservation tubes (more information >>>).

The second largest biobank in Japan trusts Bambanker cryopreservation medium! Do you want to know why? Ask Nenad >>>! 😉




Our cell culture favourites

#1   Bambanker - Cryopreservation media for all cell lines >>>

BB03-Bambanker- 20mL


#2   Cryopreservation tubes - Long-term storage of cells and tissue >>>

#3   Cell Culture Chamber - Protetion of cell cultures in petri dishes or flasks >>>



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